World Law Debt Settlement sales agent Divine Debt Solutions (aka Harship Assistance Center)

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The 'Hardship Assistance Center' aka Divine Debt Solutions in HURST TX is one business to steer clear from.

Check out Wiki Corp. There are numerous LLCs set up and with a complete review, they appear to jump from office to office; many locations in the area.Too many

Posing as 'financial analysts' or 'unbiased counselor' (inferring they have access to government or private funding for those in a hardship financial situation, is just the tip of the iceberg of the lies. They use this as a sales ploy to lure people. The end result is that they sell debt settlement sevices and the company they funnel the business to, has an F rating at the BBB and a lot of upset people on 'The Rip Off Report'

If I don't get relief; if I'm robbed...I will be going a lot higher than those forums, because there's a rule in life" THOU SHALL NOT STEAL. Read the book, Coker

It's best you do your own research by starting at Wiki Corp and see who they are connected to business wise.

The owner, Mr. CC ...gave me lie after lie.

I hope I don't have to fo as far as writing every Attorney General in the country aboutt their business practices.

All I know, besides the lies spewing from ...what?? Oh, Mr. CC...he's a big 'Christian' also. That should have been my first hint.

But my decision to go with these people has me in the hole about $1800. It takes $3600 in this day and age, to escape from that.

I don't take well to criminals, and Mr. CC has shown me nothing other than every sign of a white collar variety.

I was a fool; I didn't do my research. But that's why they call them '*** MEN' They win your confidence and steal from you.

Long ago, they hung people who did these type things.

Review about: Debt Settlement.


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I was contacted by the Hardship Assistance Center almost 2 years ago, I don't know anything about this Divine Debt Solutions you are talking about. I enrolled in a program they suggest (it was with World Law), however, I am not seeing any of the negative results that you seem to be spouting. I have had 4 cards negotiated down, my payments are lower, and I'll be completely done in a little over a year from now.

You sound more like a disgruntled ex-employee that couldn't do their job, rather than a concerned citizen. For everyone else out there, please know that I have had a fantastic experience with the Hardship Assistance Center. If you are in over your head then don't let disgruntled ex-employees turn you away from getting help that will get you results and save you money.

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